Your Guide to KOGs on WAX NFTs

Packs, Rarities, & Algorithmic Special Slots

8 min readAug 16, 2020


This roadmap lays out what to expect before and after getting the chance to boost your 1st Edition NFT collection.

KOGs, or Keys to Other Games, has massive plans for the future. Not only can you use these NFTs as playable tokens once the game launches, but they’ll unlock future items, including skins, weapons, and much more.

Tournaments are in the pipeline, and gamers can pit their NFTs against others in online skirmishes. Yes, there’s a ‘just for fun’ mode, too. But like the upcoming game’s inspiration — POGs — players with the courage to put their NFTs on the line can increase or decrease their collection after every match.

Although there’s a lot in store, every journey begins with a single step. And in this instance, that step is putting the NFTs in the gamers’ digital wallets. So, how does one purchase the game’s pieces?

Read on to find out!

The Main Event: August 18 @ 10 am EST

You must use $WAXP tokens to purchase packs through your WAX Cloud Wallet.

Where to buy $WAXP

How to buy $WAXP

Where to buy KOGs on WAX NFTs

The sale is taking place on AtomicHub. There’s no signup required since AH will link directly to your WAX Cloud Wallet.

Unlimited FOMO

If you’re familiar with recent NFT sales on the WAX Blockchain — Garbage Pail Kids, William Shatner, Blockchain Heroes — you’re well-versed on their limited nature.

Selling out within hours and sometimes mere minutes, far too many collectors missed out on the best pricing and were forced to scavenge on secondary markets. But that’s not the case with KOGs on WAX!

Sweet dreams!

The NFTs are up for grabs during a three-hour window — August 18 from 10 am to 1 pm Eastern Standard Time — but in stark contrast to previous WAX sales, there‘s no limit on the number of packs you can purchase. That way, no collector has to miss out!

Once those three magic hours elapse, 1st Edition pack sales will cease. Moreover, total purchases during the sale will determine the 1st Edition’s overall supply. That said, no matter how many packs sell, the chances of unpacking a specific rarity remain the same.

For example, 38% of the collection consists of ‘Common’ KOGs. If 10,000 Starter Packs and 5,000 Booster Packs sell, 280,000 total KOGs will go into circulation, meaning 106,400 are ‘Common.’

But if collectors purchase double the amount of packs, the percentage of ‘Common’ KOGs is still 38, or 212,400 NFTs. So, in this instance, although 560,000 1st Edition NFTs go into circulation, there’s no change to NFT rarity in proportion to the overall supply.

Still with me so far? If not, don’t worry; I’ll break it down even further for you by explaining the differences between all of the soon-to-launch blockchain collectibles.

Let’s kick things off with the two types of packs …

Starter Packs — $20 (roughly 400 $WAXP)

KOGs on WAX Starter Packs contain 25 tokens apiece. I’ll define each of the variations in the sections below. But for now, here’s a breakdown of what every Starter Pack includes:

  • Common KOG: 10
  • Uncommon KOG: 6
  • Rare KOG: 3
  • Common Slammer: 1
  • Special Slot: 5

Booster Packs — $5 (roughly 100 $WAXP)

KOGs on WAX Booster Packs contain six tokens, with the following distribution:

  • Common KOG: 3
  • Uncommon KOG: 1
  • Rare KOG: 1
  • Special Slot: 1

Now that you know what’s inside each pack let’s go over what sets them apart from each other …

KOGs vs. Slammers

If you’ve ever played a game of POGs, you already know the difference. The ‘standard’ pieces are stacked up before players take turns trying to flip them over. And the same concept applies here.

Each player adds KOGs to make a stack, and then both combatants take turns slamming the pile with a ‘heavier’ Slammer.

The NFT’s border is what determines the difference between a KOG and a Slammer. You can quickly identify a Slammer by its faux metal border:

Uncommon (denoted by blue stars and numbers) ‘PANDA’ Slammer

Special Slots

Both Starter Packs and Booster Packs contain a ‘Special Slot’ in which a randomly generated NFT will appear. An algorithm determines what’s inside every pack, and here’s what may pop up while opening one:


  • Rare
  • Ultra-Rare
  • Foil Common
  • Foil Uncommon
  • Foil Rare
  • Foil Ultra-Rare


  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Ultra-Rare
  • Foil Common
  • Foil Uncommon
  • Foil Rare
  • Foil Ultra-Rare

These slots bear the title of ‘special’ for good reason — you never know what you’ll get!

Over 3k Works of Art

Overall, the 1st Edition of KOGs on WAX NFTs consists of 112 different designs — 100 KOGs and 12 Slammers. But that’s not to say there are only 112 pieces to collect. In fact, there are 3,414!

How does that figure swell so much after starting so low? It all boils down to categorical rarity.

What’s down here in the muck?

Applicable to both KOGs and Slammers, an NFT’s rarity falls into one of three categories: Artwork, border type, and border color …


Because pack purchases are unlimited during the sale, nobody knows how many pieces of any given design will end up in circulation. It’s possible for you to unearth a 1 out of 1 NFT in one of your packs!

Nevertheless, the team has defined the amount of available artwork:

KOG Designs

  • Common: 40
  • Uncommon: 30
  • Rare: 20
  • Ultra-Rare: 10

Slammer Designs

  • Common: 5
  • Uncommon: 3
  • Rare: 2
  • Ultra-Rare: 2

Border Types

NFT borders come in multiple flavors. In addition to width — medium, thin, and wide — edges have an assortment of styles:

KOG & Slammer Border Types

  • Common: 3
  • Uncommon: 3
  • Rare: 6
  • Ultra-Rare: 12
  • Foil Common: 3
  • Foil Uncommon: 3
  • Foil Rare: 6
  • Foil Ultra-Rare: 12

Border Colors

Like Skittles candy, KOGs on WAX NFT edges come in a rainbow of colors. Just don’t try to taste them!

Here’s how many border colors you can expect to see:

KOGs & Slammers

  • Common: 4
  • Uncommon: 5
  • Rare: 4
  • Ultra-Rare: 1
  • Foil Common: 4
  • Foil Uncommon: 5
  • Foil Rare: 4
  • Foil Ultra-Rare: 1

Numbers + Stars = Rarity

The simplest way to identify an NFT’s rarity category is by the color of its stars and numbers.

Here’s a cheat sheet for you:

Silver = Common


Blue = Uncommon


Gold = Rare


Orange = Ultra-Rare



Now, I mentioned the special foil treatment above but have yet to show you. And to kill two proverbial birds with one stone here’s an example:

Foil Rare ‘RETRO’ KOG

Because the above KOG’s numbers and stars are gold, it falls into the ‘Rare’ category.

Total Combos

I didn’t pull 3,414 1st Edition NFTs out of thin air!

Multiplying the number of designs by border types and border colors reveals the overall combinations:


  • Common: 40 x 3 x 4 = 480
  • Uncommon: 30 x 3 x 5 = 450
  • Rare: 20 x 6 x 4 = 480
  • Ultra-Rare: 10 x 12 x 1 = 120
  • Foil Common: 40 x 3 x 4 = 480
  • Foil Uncommon: 30 x 3 x 5 = 450
  • Foil Rare: 20 x 6 x 4 = 480
  • Foil Ultra-Rare: 10 x 12 x 1 = 120

Total KOGs combinations = 3,060


  • Common: 5 x 3 x 4 = 60
  • Uncommon: 3 x 3 x 5 = 45
  • Rare: 2 x 6 x 4 = 48
  • Ultra-Rare: 2 x 12 x 1 = 24
  • Foil Common: 5 x 3 x 4 = 60
  • Foil Uncommon: 3 x 3 x 5 = 45
  • Foil Rare: 2 x 6 x 4 = 48
  • Foil Ultra-Rare: 2 x 12 x 1 = 24

Total Slammer combinations = 354

So, adding the overall KOG and Slammer variations gives us a massive 3,414 NFTs in the 1st Edition collection!

Winning Percentages

Okay, now that I’ve identified total figures, I’ll share the probability of any given NFT appearing in a pack. In other words, I’ll fill you in on your odds of getting extraordinarily rare pieces from Special Slots.

No matter if you open a Starter Pack or a Booster Pack, your odds are the same:


  • Rare: 22.71%
  • Ultra-Rare: 12.80%
  • Foil Common: 17.27%
  • Foil Uncommon: 10.90%
  • Foil Rare: 7.72%
  • Foil Ultra-Rare: 1.28%


  • Common: 0.97%
  • Uncommon: 12.12%
  • Rare: 8.58%
  • Ultra-Rare: 1.42%
  • Foil Common: 1.98%
  • Foil Uncommon: 1.21%
  • Foil Rare: 0.86%
  • Foil Ultra-Rare: 0.18%

To put those numbers into perspective, let’s assume a total of 100k NFTs sell during the upcoming sale. If that’s the case, only 180 Foil Ultra-Rare Slammers might make their way into collectors’ Wax Cloud Wallets!

Secondary Markets

Once the sale closes its doors, secondary markets are where you’ll find these NFTs. Here are a few:

AtomicHub (same place the main sale occurs)


Expect to see even more sites putting the NFTs up for grabs once the sale concludes.

Wrapping Up

With an uncapped 3-hour window, there’s no excuse not to put some KOGs on WAX NFTs in your digital wallet.

I’ll see you over at AtomicHub on Aug. 18 at 10 am EST. Good luck in scoring those ultra-rare non-fungible tokens!

And if you’re reading this before then, it’s not too late to put yourself in the running for a 1/25 limited edition NFT by pre-registering for the sale.




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