LEXIT ICO Review Part 2: Team & Website

Simplifying the World’s M&A Transactions

LEXIT is a first-of-its-kind blockchain project aiming to tokenize the Mergers & Acquisitions marketplace. From small startups to large enterprises, LEXIT is building a platform on which to buy and sell companies as well as Intellectual Property.

In this weekly, 5-part series, we’ll dig into what makes LEXIT stand out in a deluge of ICOs. There’s certainly no shortage of projects that want to trade you some ETH for their tokens!

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I’m not a financial expert by any stretch of the imagination. Most information within this article is speculative and merely my own personal opinion. Always conduct your own research before investing in anything, and always remember that what you do with your money is your decision to make.

I plan to receive a small allocation of tokens for creating this content. That said, I will do my best to remain unbiased and fair. I try to avoid all FOMO and FUD and never wish to impart those emotions on my fellow crypto-heads.

FYI: Certain countries are excluded from participating in the current token sale. Don’t forget to check the (exciting!) terms and conditions page. No need to fret if your country is blacklisted; you’ll merely need to wait until LXT tokens are available on exchanges.

Sleek & Stylish

First impressions are super-important in any competitive market. And that sentiment holds true within the increasingly crowded crypto space. Post a dud of a site and you’re going to scare potential investors away.

You need to bring your A-game to any content that’s above the fold. Even if you’ve created the most technologically innovative project the blockchain has ever seen, your website must effectively communicate the project’s value or you may never have a chance to reach the moon.

Although we all know you can’t judge a book by its cover, a clean and modern website is an absolute necessity for any serious blockchain project.

Technology is at the heart of the revolution and if a company has an incompetent website then my guess is they’re incompetent with money, too.

Let’s take a look at the user experience when visiting the LEXIT website. Does the site’s messaging resonate with their core audience? Is the team visible, accessible, and capable of delivering results?

Let’s go over all of that, and more…

The LEXIT Website

Kudos to the web-dev team who put the site together. It absolutely screams blockchain technology. Shades of blue and green and purple are kind to the eyes. Fluid, geometric shapes make me feel as if I’m seeing the future.

But is it all just a facade? Beautiful websites are sometimes so laden with bugs they become unusable. Which makes my cursor drift northeast, searching for an X to click on.

Although LEXIT’s site is nice to look at, let’s see if it actually works…

Getting Around

A few minor gripes aside, the site is fluid and easy to navigate. Every link works and I was able to subscribe to their update list. Email marketing is grossly overlooked as a profit generator and it’s good to see LEXIT is on the ball there.

I recently tried to sign-up to another project’s email list and the process failed although there were two separate boxes for subscribing. C’mon, really? Why wouldn’t anyone bother to test that? Keep me excited about HODLing your token with frequent project updates!

No glaring issues with LEXIT’s site overall, but and I’ll share a bit of feedback in a sub-section below.

Main Messaging

Again, mission accomplished. Without being too heavy with buzzwords or insider jargon, the #LEXITco project’s website explains not only what the project aims to achieve, but also why there’s a need for tokenization.

This infographic explains quite a bit about how LEXIT looks to separate itself from the current M&A marketplace’s old-school traditions:

Now we’re getting to the center of what makes the #LEXITco project tick

Is There a Minimum Viable Product?

Certain hype-train blockchain projects are nothing more than vaporware masked by a professionally written whitepaper. There’s no MVP and many aspects of the project are still in the conceptual stage.

Now, LEXIT is much farther along than other ICOs. But we’re still not sure exactly how all transactions will occur within their custom M&A marketplace.

The team is still developing the platform, but for now we’ll have to settle for tiny glimpses within some of the site’s videos.

You can peek at the user interface just a little here:

Hints of LEXIT’s upcoming M&A platform

Although I’d prefer to see an actual marketplace to evaluate, the site does contain a form-field for interested parties to fill out. LEXIT has staff dedicated to evaluating pre-registrations for marketplace listings.

Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere. And awaiting a reply from a company rep. certainly beats a “marketplace coming soon” placeholder. So, if you’ve got IP or a startup you’re looking to liquidate, you can get the ball rolling right now.

Site Feedback

If anyone on the team is reading this, I have a couple of suggestions for you:

1) A project’s team is worthy of its own link within the main navigation menu.

Teams are one of the most important aspects of any blockchain project. I usually look at the team first when visiting a new site. Please don’t make me scroll down and hunt for faces. Add a link at the top for easy 1-click access.

2) Add a ‘return-to-top’ arrow at the bottom of the homepage.

The site is long on the scrolling and it’d be nice to jump straight back to the top with a single click.

The LEXIT Team

I ask myself several questions when evaluating a blockchain project’s team.

Here are a few of them …

How big is the team?

Solid projects are full-fledged operations with a hierarchy of power and distinct roles. You may have seen what looks like just a couple of dudes winging it from their garage. And they want your money? Scary stuff.

The LEXIT website lists 15 main players on the team, which puts the project on the larger end of the spectrum. I’ve seen projects fly with less than 10 people — a big pool of talent to utilize certainly bodes well for the LEXIT’s long-term success.

And they even had the foresight to hire an AML expert. The size of future transactions makes this role absolutely essential. It’s great to see the position active prior to the platform’s launch.

Is there a demonstrated history of success?

I like projects with one or more major players that have shown the ability to develop a startup from idea to money-maker. Have they already done what they’re trying to do now?

LEXIT’s team is a collective of diverse backgrounds. Some teammates declare an entrepreneurial spirit — the exact mindset you want to permeate throughout a startup.

As far as past success goes, the bulk appears to reside with the trio of co-founders. After all, the project originated from the need to liquidize a startup’s IP. The co-founders have genuinely experienced the pain they’re trying to solve via LEXIT.

Are any blockchain experts on the team?

Although blockchain tech is relatively new, it’s been around long enough for individuals to develop their expertise.

This is my one gripe with the team as a whole. Out of all 15 players, only one of them claims blockchain experience.

However, the team’s minds appear sharp and they’re now inside the blockchain industry. If they persist long enough they’ll all have no choice but to become experts.

Are the advisors solid?

When you get stuck on something, it’s so very beneficial to have mentors available. LEXIT’s advisory team fills the gaps in the core team’s blockchain expertise.

The majority of the nine-member roster can claim experience on the blockchain. And those who don’t, carry knowledge from the M&A industry.

And the all-star here is Eric Gu, CEO and founder of Metaverse. Eric started China’s first open-source public blockchain.

This massive achievement is bound to give exposure to LEXIT’s mission. Asia’s a blockchain powerhouse and LEXIT can label itself lucky to have Eric aboard its extended team.

Final thoughts…

After evaluating the team and the website that represents them, I’m still excited about the LEXIT project. The co-founders have assembled a large, experienced crew to help run their ship.

I’d certainly feel more comfortable seeing additional blockchain experts on the core team, but that’s nothing a few strategic hires can’t solve.

And, one very important aspect of any blockchain project is how accessible the team is. A high level of transparency adds credibility to the undertaking as a whole.

So how does the LEXIT team prove they’re here for us, their potential supporters? Activity on every major social media platform, including LinkedIn.

Still have questions for the team? You have more than a handful of methods for reaching out. I had questions of my own, and they were promptly answered on both Twitter and Telegram.

You see, some ICO projects try a little too hard to put up walls between the team and outsiders. But LEXIT takes the opposite approach and keeps the lines of communication wide open.

Visit the LEXIT.co website to discover more about the #LEXITco project.

By the way…

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