How to Put $WAXP in Your WAX Cloud Wallet

Trade for Other Cryptocurrencies or Use a Credit Card

1st Edition NFTs for KOGsKeys to Other Games — went up for sale on August 18, at 10 am EST. All purchases transacted in $WAXP tokens through a WAX Cloud Wallet connected to AtomicHub.

We’ll use the KuCoin exchange for this example. But the same principles apply to other exchanges as well.

Unsure how to trade fiat for crypto, then one crypto for another? This guide walks you through everything:

Now, the article above uses the $ETH/$XYO trading pair. The good news is that the has no bearing on the outcome. In other words, $XYO and $WAXP are interchangeable in this tutorial.

Here’s the gist:

From this point on, we’ll assume you already have $WAXP in your exchange account …

Step 1: Create a WAX Cloud Wallet Account

This might be the most user-friendly crypto wallet in existence!

To grab yourself a new WAX Cloud Wallet account, simply signup via email or a host of social platforms including Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and more.

Once your account is all set up, the wallet will automatically assign a WAX address. Unlike most of today’s crypto wallets, WAX addresses are short and easy for us humans to read and remember.

Yours will look like this: abcde.wam

Use the Buy WAX button to use a credit card

Step 2: Make the Transfer

Submit the withdrawal request from the exchange on which you’re holding $WAXP tokens:

Once the transaction settles on the WAX Blockchain, you’ll see your balance appear inside your WAX Cloud Wallet.

The transaction took only took a few minutes after hitting the ‘Confirm’ button!

Purchasing NFTs Through the WAX Cloud Wallet

After landing on AtomicHub, click the big, orange ‘Login’ button in the upper-right corner.

Pro Tip: Use Google’s Chrome browser to avoid popup hell!

The site will then ask which wallet you’d like to connect. Select the WAX Cloud Wallet:

A confirmation popup will appear:

Hit the ‘Approve’ button to sync AtomicHub with your WAX Cloud Wallet.

You’ll know you’re logged in when you see your $WAXP balance:

Click the dropdown arrow next to your WAX address to view your AtomicHub inventory

You’re now free to interact with the KOGs ecosystem. Buying, selling, trading, and opening packs all happen on AtomicHub.

Happy collecting!

Further Questions?

If anything else comes to mind, don’t hesitate to pop into the on WAX Discord server, where an army of collectors are ready and waiting to help you out!



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