How to Buy & Open 1st Edition KOGs NFTs

Crack a Pack in 3 Easy Steps

Visit AtomicHub to buy KOGs packs

Step 1: Get $WAXP

KOGs on WAX trade on the, you guessed it, WAX Blockchain. As such, all sales transact in the network’s protocol token, $WAXP.

Step 2: Visit AtomicHub

Plenty of secondary markets are now trading WAX assets. However, the bulk of sales occur on AtomicHub.

Unopened KOGs Packs

Wondering what might be awaiting you inside those pouches of digital collectibles? This guide will help:

Step 3: Visit KOGsUnpack

Just like on AtomicHub, you don’t need to create a separate account — simply log in via your WAX Cloud Wallet.

Open your KOGs at

Wrapping Up

The WAX Blockchain does a fine job of making crypto and NFTs simple for anyone. And now that you know how easy it is to acquire KOGs, what’s stopping you from amassing a collection?



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