GastroAdvisor ICO Review: Tasty Apps vs. Tastier DApps

Using Blockchain Technology to Connect Restaurants & Customers

You may have used a popular food-related App that rhymes with Kelp? Well, here comes a little disruption for you to chew on. Just like any long-running industry, crowd-sourced dining is ready for a shake-up.

An upcoming blockchain project — — aims to give the space a much-needed renovation.

In addition to boosted transparency and efficiency, users of the GA platform can earn and spend FORK tokens, available September 3 of this year.

So, what is GastroAdvisor baking into their platform to better serve customers and restaurant owners? Let’s find out…

*Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I’m not a financial expert by any stretch of the imagination. Most information within this article is speculative and merely my own personal opinion. Always conduct your own research before investing in anything, and always remember that what you do with your money is your decision to make.

I plan to receive a small allocation of tokens for creating this content. That said, I will do my best to remain unbiased and fair. I try to avoid all FOMO and FUD and never wish to impart those emotions on my fellow crypto-heads.

FYI: Certain countries are excluded from participating in GastroAdvisor’s upcoming ICO. Don’t forget to check the fine print if you decide to join. No need to fret if your country is blacklisted; you’ll merely need to wait until FORK tokens are available on exchanges.

Foodie’s Delight

Millions of reviews are on the Kelp platform. Gobs of photos and heaps of extensive restaurant evaluations are simply given away by hungry eaters.

And sadly, Kelp rewards their user base with nothing but the glory of adding value to the ecosystem.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Adding value — only for the sake of giving — is certainly commendable.

But wouldn’t you rather get a kickback for those very same tasks? You’re still providing value as an active member of the community, but now you’re also earning tokens in the process.

And by using those tokens you’re contributing to the project’s usefulness. By not HODLing your tokens, you’re supporting the ecosystem.

Now, how many foodies do you know — and this could even be you — that insist on taking a photo of any and all food with half-decent presentation?

“You know what, this expertly plated pasta, which can be described as nothing less than an absolute miracle of avant-garde sauce placement, must be shared with my entire social media universe!”

Sound familiar? And instead of users being the platform’s grunts, giving away their time, GastroAdvisor is upgrading the business concept and dishing out tokens to its membership.

And just what can you do with those tokens? Here’s a real quick video explaining the ecosystem:

How FORK tokens flow through the GastroAdvisor DApp

Earn tokens by leaving reviews, then spend those tokens the next time you eat at any of the restaurants on the platform.

Earn more tokens by eating more food. And eat more food by earning more tokens. Sounds like a tasty, self-perpetuating cycle.

Bye, Bye, Fake Reviews

Can’t always trust the reviews you find on Kelp. Just like anything you read on the Internet — or anywhere, for that matter — you may catch a case of the dreaded Fake News.

Now, how do I know this specific BS applies to the Kelp App? I’ve seen the fraud with my own eyes.

While browsing PT jobs on Craigslist I came across an ad for a “Kelp Account Manager.” Your job, should you accept it, was to concoct bogus reviews for up to 50 businesses.

Yes, there’s at least one company selling bogus Kelp reviews to businesses that are so low-quality they feel the need to buy their way into popularity.

But when you actually eat there, the bowl of reality you ordered only warrants 1 star, not 4.

Conversely, reviews on the GastroAdvisor platform should be 100% legitimate. Smart contracts will verify the presence of a diner at any restaurant within the DApp.

You must actually be at an establishment to leave a review.

Slicing fraud off the bone of the dining industry will create a competition among restaurants. One that’s good for customers.

Eaters will be rewarded with more accurate pre-judgement of an establishment’s ability to satiate their appetite. And if the restaurant deserves a return visit, they’ll score themselves a positive, certified review.

And speaking of restaurants…

Restaurateurs Rejoice

We all know that some restaurants are better than others. And what sets them apart? Gastronomy. They see food as not merely fuel but also art.

Some restaurants are only in it for the money. They’re happy to serve up days-old slop simply because the margins are high. The owner is fully content with a 2-star rating so long as the bills are paid. So what if there’s Sodium Tri-Funktenate in everything?

And then there are the chefs. The masters. The people that live to cook and cook to live. Some of their food is on a whole other planet.

Since we’re talking crypto, I guess you could say their food is on the moon. And when you’re cooking moon food, people will come back for more.

Build a rep on the GA platform as the go-to spot for your restaurant’s niche, then add the ability to draw in even more customers…

Customer Acquisition Program

We’re in the early stages of shifting to a global, tokenized economy. Accepting tokens or BTC — or any crypto for that matter — is currently seen as forward-thinking.

So, restaurants and clubs accepting FORK tokens are immediately perceived as modern, at the least. And how do you spread the word? GastroAdvisor’s in-built advertising system, that’s how.

Owners who best utilize the FORK token’s reward system will see the most return customers…

Customer Retention Program

Once you’ve enticed a diner to come through the door, you want them to come back with even more friends. If the food matches the price, they will.

When customers are walking around with a portal to you in their pocket, they’re only a click away from making a reservation.

Owners can create custom offers for diners via GA’s hosted web page that’s part of a customer-interaction-tracking service. Restaurants are in total control over the platform’s online booking service.

Final thoughts…

One basic tenet of blockchain technology is the ability to improve upon things that are already working. GastroAdvisor is doing just that. A problem was identified, and a solution was created.

Projects like GastroAdvisor spotlight the need for more transparency in our lives, especially when it comes to food. I’ll trust a blockchain-verified restaurant review over one made by ‘BigEatz’ any day of the week.

Dining out costs more than eating in because of the convenience it provides and the experience it can create. It’s now up to the restaurants to truly prove their worth. Stars no longer come easy to those who can afford them.

People are manipulating the mainstream food crowd-sourcing App used by millions. If you can’t trust star ratings then why have them at all? But blockchain tech can end the garbage, if we adopt it.

The GA platform aims to toss the crowd-sourced food troublemakers right out of the front door, and leave it open for a new, digital manager to keep watch over the ecosystem.

Visit the to learn more about the project. And here’s where you can find the if you’re looking for a longer read.

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