6 Reasons Why I Freelance for Crypto

Every Day I’m HODLin’

Under the axe of a massive company-wide layoff is unpleasant territory. Personal and financial ties, nourished for years, are swiftly severed.

After more than a decade of service, dodging similar bullets along the way, the bell tolled for me.

The initial range of emotions included anger and sadness and frustration. How could they do that to me after I had given them so much?

And then I took time to reflect. There’s no better place to get a macro view of a situation than as an outsider. What I thought was a “good job” turned out to be a regrettable farce.

I gave the entirety of my thirties to “The Man” as nothing more than a cog in a corporate machine.

I saw far too many details of license plates on cars ahead of me on the freeway.

The majority of my days were under the harsh glare of artificial lights. I sacrificed my time and freedom in exchange for a meager paycheck.

And for what? To fatten the pockets of undeserving bigwigs, that’s what. In fact, as the ship slowly sunk into a sea of debt, taking livelihoods down with it, two clowns at the top cashed out $1,000,000 apiece.

Once the initial devastation wore off — hello, I have a new baby coming along in 3 months! — the layoff was actually a positive event.

I couldn’t see it at the time because I was so entrenched, but corporate life was slowly killing me. It didn’t take long to decide I never wanted to go back to that environment.

Fast forward to today and I’m a self-diagnosed crypto-holic. The potential for astronomical gains aside, I’m enthralled by how the blockchain industry aims to disrupt the status quo.

Far too many industries are absolutely riddled with fraud and deception. Thankfully, the inherent transparency of a distributed ledger will squash some of the world’s dishonesty.

So how do I plan to put my stamp on the tokenization? I’m going to write about it.

I’m leveraging my skills as a creator of content to write for projects I believe in. And freelancing lets me do just that.

Now that you know a little more about where I’m coming from, let’s get into why I chose the path of a crypto freelancer…

1) I’m The Boss

The root of “freelancer” is “free.” And if you’re like me, associating freedom with how you earn a living is a shining beacon in the sometimes-gloomy workforce.

Rather than an under-qualified boss handing me projects of their choosing, I can select my own. And writing about crypto doesn’t seem like work at all. I learn something new every time I dig into a project.

Although I really don’t see the need to work in my underwear, it’s nice to have that option available if the mood ever strikes.

I get to dictate when to work, where to work, and how much to work. If I want to write at 5:30 in the morning while my wife and kids are asleep, I will.

And if I decide to sit down in a restaurant to eat lunch, nobody will remind me that “we’d better get back to the office” because we simply don’t need to be there.

No, Lumbergh, I’m not coming in on Saturday.

2) Crypto Has More Potential than Fiat

Yes, I have bills to pay. And yes, they need to be paid on time.

But let’s say I complete a project in exchange for crypto and my fee is $1,000 in tokens. And let’s say I cash out $900 to pay bills and HODL the other $100.

Now, if you’ve been around cryptocurrencies for even a little while then you know just how explosive the gains can be.

Held long enough, even $100 can transform into a life-changing windfall.

Sure, it may fall to $0 but I’m willing to take that risk. It beats the hell out of playing lotto!

As for fiat, if I HODL that same $100, my purchasing power is lost in a downward spiral. I’ll be lucky to get $90 in goods/services after holding onto a Ben Franklin for 5 years.

3) World’s Best Commute

You may have heard tales of a 30-second commute but those freelancers must live in some elaborate palace.

Ever timed yourself going from the breakfast table to the computer desk? I can get there in less than 5 seconds.

Not only am I saving money by not driving, I have more time to write since I’m not out on the roads jockeying for position with everyone else worried they may not get to work on time.

4) Tokens Are Portals to Secondary Markets

One site that pays freelancers in their site’s native crypto is FreelancerCoin.io.

Here’s a short video explaining a bit more about how the platform works:

How the FreelancerCoin platform operates

FreelancerCoin’s LAN token is currently traded on ForkDelta, a decentralized exchange (DEX).

Centralized exchanges are prevalent today but the DEX model is gaining ground. Binance and Coinbase have both announced their intentions to operate a DEX.

And there’s Komodo’s ($KMD) BarterDEX which supports atomic swaps across 95% of all coins and tokens in existence.

I think 2018 will spawn many more DEXs.

Because I’m now a holder of LAN tokens, I get to learn how to trade crypto on a new (to me) DEX. And since I’ve expanded my reach into a new exchange I’ll soon uncover hidden gems initially available on ForkDelta only.

5) No Vampiric Coworkers

Working for a large corporation means throwing yourself into a big basket of different personality types. Some are lighthearted and fun to be around.

Billy Brightside typically has a joke or interesting story to share. You will seek his type out when things get rough in the office.

And then there’s Dramatic Debbie from accounting. Every day she’s got a new ailment or complaint or piece of gossip or disaster in her life.

Debbie’s momma never taught her that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t bother opening your venomous mouth.

Thankfully, I had some wonderful souls to call coworkers. They certainly helped alleviate the burdens of the daily grind and I left my post with plenty of fantastic memories.

But the size of the company also meant collaboration with clueless cretins who I’d never ever ever choose as teammates. You know, the type of people that suck the life out of absolutely everything they touch.

Freelancing crushes this dilemma since you usually get to pick who joins you in your workspace.

6) Easy HODLing

Between investing, freelancing, cryptos that pay dividends, trading, and airdrops, I get add coins and tokens to my bags nearly every day.

I HODL on the regular because my vision of the future economy is one that supports hundreds of different coins and tokens. I’m preparing myself for the upcoming financial revolution.

Freelancing for crypto means getting coins delivered straight to your wallet.

Not having to wait for fiat deposits to clear is a major benefit because the crypto market moves so fast.

When it’s time to make a trade, who wants to wait for the bank-to-Coinbase shuffle?

But in the madness of wild price fluctuations, that wait may actually let you fill your bags even fuller than if you had immediate access to fresh crypto.

And those swings are part of what makes the cryptosphere so much fun!

Final thoughts…

Freelancing certainly has its perks. Between choosing your own projects, making your own schedule, and walking to work in just a few steps, there’s a lot to like.

And when you throw cryptocurrencies into the mix, the excitement skyrockets. There’s nothing like waking up, opening Blockfolio, and smiling at one or more of your positions enjoying double-digit gains.

While the financial upside has plenty of potential, so does the blockchain space’s burgeoning technology. I love to see dApps and platforms out there providing solutions to real-world problems.

After all,there’s much more to crypto than Tokyo-drifitng your Lambo on the moon.

By the way…

If you like what you see here and are in need of help getting your crypto message to the masses, I’d love to hear about your project.

Feel free to reach out to me here: blockchainauthor at Gmail



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