4 Reasons Why NEM Helps Catapult Businesses Onto the Blockchain

Let’s face it, blockchain tech is here to stay. New chains and sprouting up every day while existing chains keep getting longer.

Just like a website is a necessity to compete in today’s business landscape, business operations of all sizes are beginning to realize the benefits of putting certain business transactions onto a blockchain.

Logistics and supply chains, for example, are ripe for benefiting from transparency. And the power of cutting out the middlemen can deliver a profound impact on a company’s bottom line.

But just like getting a website created, you’re gonna need to pony up some cash to get your business integrated onto a blockchain.

And depending on how you approach the task, it can be relatively cheap or super expensive.

I’ll spare you the expensive solutions and fill you in on NEM, a project that’ll help propel your business into the arena of modern technology while taking costs into consideration.

To give you a taste of what NEM’s all about, here’s a recent video showcasing the excitement within NEM’s pavilion at Consensus 2018, one of the largest international crypto events in the world.

It was NEM’s most successful trade show to date. A growing, diverse group of companies are now conducting business on the NEM blockchain:

NEM made their presence felt at Consensus 2018

Now, getting back to saving dollars for your company. Why is NEM so cost-effective? Well, that’s the first major point here…

1) NEM is Super-Easy to Build Upon

Blockchain tech’s inherent beauties are transparent, distributed ledgers and transactional security.

With NEM, you can achieve both. And the best part? There’s no need to use any programming language.

That’s right, no need to hire a high-level, multi-degree, full-stack programming wizard to put your business on a chain.

Unlike a blockchain like Ethereum, NEM doesn’t make use of a proprietary programming language like Solidity or Scilla.

It’s not hard to secure talent who can build on NEM. In fact, you might even have capable hands within your current IT ranks.

But if you’re on the smaller side of the business spectrum and don’t know where to turn, fill out this form to get in touch with the NEM team and they’ll point you in the right direction.

In fact, NEM’s dev team is always excited to learn of new companies looking to utilize their blockchain solutions.

2) Jack B. NEMble

Blockchains need to be agile and scalable to keep up with demand. A stunning example is the debacle of Ethereum and CryptoKitties.

The network couldn’t withstand the demand and had to make a trip to a digital litterbox before coming back online.

NEM overcomes scalability issues through a Supernode program delivering best-in-class transaction rates.

NEM’s high-speed, public, open-source blockchain is available to anyone, and was designed to handle any stress you can pile on.

Other networks are currently rushing to implement scale and speed, but NEM put lightning in their chain from the get-go.

3) Your Data is on Lockdown

By default, the NEM blockchain is designed for stability and security.

Inauthentic files are problematic on P2P networks and the NEM blockchain’s engineering is designed to overcome this issue.

The chain uses a reputation algorithm for peer-to-peer networks. Everyone on the network is assigned a global trust value based on certain parameters.

And if you really want to ratchet up security and privacy, NEM gives you the option to operate your own private chain.

Private chains are especially applicable to sensitive personal data such as medical records and legal documents.

4) NEM is the LEGO of Blockchains

NEM’s modular Smart Asset system delivers the means for you to design to put almost any application onto a blockchain.

Track assets, create a payment app or even your own cryptocurrency. And everything is accounted for automatically and in real-time.

The use cases are wide and deep. From business management to decentralized organizations, plus finance and secure records, the industries that can benefit from NEM are boundless.

And, NEM’s modularity prevents a “one-size-fits all” solution which rarely lives up to expectations.

Final thoughts…

If you’re even considering putting your business on the blockchain, have a look at NEM. They can help make the transition seamless.

In fact, several projects that started with Ethereum found the development process too expensive and time-consuming. They abandoned ship and came aboard NEM’s chain.

Point is, aligning your business with modern tech doesn’t have to be overly complicated. And the NEM blockchain makes the process quick, easy, secure, and fully customizable.

If you like what you see here and are in need of help getting your crypto message to the masses, I’d love to hear about your project.

Feel free to reach out to me here: blockchainauthor at gmail



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